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The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit, educational organization that studies the Early Middle Ages (assumed to start about 600 A.D.) and the Renaissance (pre-1700s A.D.) through research and re-enactment.

The Shire of Narrental is a local group within this society. It encompasses Cass County, Miami County, the south-western part of Wabash County, and the western part of Fulton County; all of which are in North-Central Indiana.

For more general and specific SCA information visit these sites:

Social of Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions about the SCA
Kingdoms of the SCA Known World
Stephan’s Florigium (all sorts of information about SCA Activities)
Narrental is part of the Kingdom of the Middle
Narrental’s Facebook Group

Gyronny of twelve, gules and argent,
in pale a fool’s cap purpure and a laurel wreath vert

E-mail us:  narrental@midrealm.org

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