Blaire Point Elementary School Medieval Faire, May 7, 1999

Blair Point Elementary School
Medieval Faire
Friday, May 7, 1999

 Lord Abu Da’ud’s back 
and Lord Colinet

Lord Abu Da’ud and
 Lord Alestair of Steren Codha 
on his knees

Sergent Amra & Lord Abu,
discussing fighting
Lord Alestair & Lord Colinet
fighting, Abu waiting; Amra marshalling

David of Mildenhall explains
a chainmail coif

Teacher John Cook — and two
friends provide 
a musical interlude

Lady Cassaundra of Steren Codha showing how to make a “pinch pot”

Meisterin Katarina Helene
calligraphy techniques

Ms. Kruetzer’s & Ms. Costin’s
classes performing the
Young Maiden’s Dance

Russell as the Dragon in the
Mummer Play
(Mrs. Costin sitting behind him)

The Doctor in the
Mummer Play

Lady Elayne de Bellemé
explains about 
Medieval spices