Constellation A&S Photos

Held at Blair Pointe Elementary School

 in the Shire of Narrental
on March 29th, A.S. XXXVIII
(being 2003 in current era)

Merchants setting up

Master Hroar and his then Apprentice, Nonna the Housewife
(She was put on Vigil for the Order of the Laurel at our event
and was later elevated.)

An interesting castle cake made by a mother of
the class we usually do demo’s for at this school.

Members of the Shire of Steren Codha setting up the
Lunch counter (Lady Cassaundra Felicia facing us).

Illumination entry by Lady Cerridwynn nic MacAlister

Doll entry by Lady Nella (?)

Leather Drinking Containers entry (artisan unknown)

Pottery submission by
Lady (almost a Laurel at the time) Nonna the Housewife

Armor submission (artisan unknown)

Fighters and other interested persons talking about techniques

Tourney in action

Dr. Henry Best teaching a class on how to “grab” an audience.

Henry’s class listening intently.

Their Highnesses, Nan Astrid and Pieter, Prince and Princess
of the Middle Kingdom during a Regency Court

Their Highnesses after Court