Clown Tourney 2019

The Shire of Narrental presents…

Clown Tourney

  Goes to the Dogs

October 11-13, A.S. 53 (2019 c.e.)

Winner of the day (and there are quite unusual ways this is awarded)
will get a special treasure chest and the “honor” of being
Clown Prince/Princess for a year!!

Site Fee:DRY SITE!!! 

$17 per adult* (SCA members discounted $5)
Youth*, 13-17 yrs….. $8
Children*, 6-12 yrs….. $5 (under 6 yrs….. free)
Family cap is $35No extra charge for camping!
Attention:For those who will be bringing children who are
not their own: there are TWO SCA forms that you will
need to bring for each child, both which must be signed
by the child’s parent or legal guardian… and one that
MUST BE NOTARIZED per Indiana law.1)
This form needs the notarization and should be kept
with the child at all times.2)
This is the usual Minor Waiver.PLEASE have both of these forms filled out and
signed/notarized where appropriate for each child you will be bringing.This requirement is out of our control and children affected
will not be allowed to attend if they are not properly
completed before arrival. Thank you.

 * Includes a lunch of assorted soups,
bread & butter, cookies, lemonade, and tea. 
And also an evening meal of hamburgers,
hotdogs, and any side dishes participants
bring to share.
(Contact Baroness Elaine for food
allergy questions pertaining to
included items)
(Kitchen is available to cook or
refrigerate your offerings.)

Site Hours:Opens 5pm Friday, Oct 11
(Stone Soup for dinner … campers should
bring something to add to it)
Coffee/Tea and Doughnuts available for
campers Saturday morning)
Gate opens at 9am Saturday, Oct 12
and will close at 4pm Saturday
There is a Dessert revel and dancing
after the evening meal, please
bring a dessert to share.Closes noon Sunday, Oct 13

Event Steward:THL Arianwen Triona Ceridwen o Wyndham
(Trina Noakes)
725 North Street
Logansport, IN  46947
574-735-0527  or Cell:  765-860-7643 ArianwenoWyndham@aol.comMerchant Liaison:Baroness Elayne de Bellemé
360 Blair Pike
Peru, IN 46970
Location:Miami County 4-H Fairgrounds
1029 W. 200 N.
Peru, IN 46970
(765) 273-9656

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Activities (Coming Soon)
Each activity will also have individual prizes.

Castle Window Shoot
Friend/Foe Shoot
Pumpkin Shoot
Scarecrow Shoot

List opens 9:30am
Warm-ups and Pick-ups till 10:30am
10:30am – 12 noon: Novice Tourney
12 – 1pm: Lunch
1pm: Instructional Tourney
(a Round Robin w/3 bouts each entrant)

Heavy Fighting:

Hound Coursing:
Hound registration begins at 9:30am
Coursing will start at 10am

Thrown Weapons:

9 – 10:30am … Open Practice
10:30am – Noon … Wild Hunt Contest
Noon – 1:30pm … Youth Dragon Throw
1:30 – 3pm … Open Practice
3 – 4:30pm … TWIC
4:30 – 5pm … Throw a “FIT” Contest
5pm … Range Closes

Youth Activities:

Youth Games Class, time yet to be determined, make your own game board
Frier Owain, Instructor

Upton Paggels Artisan Village:
10am to 4pm:
Open to any artisan who wishes to display their art/science in a village setting. 
This is an outside activity, so some sort
of shade or pavilion will be needed.

A&S Bean-Count for best Medieval Dog
  Item in any medium

A&S Classes:
Dice Chess Tournament, 1 – 3pm
Baron Jon Inchingham, Host

Dice Chess Tourney & Rules

    1)   Pieces move and capture in normal manner, except castling and capturing via en passant are not allowed.
    2)     The object of the game is to capture the opponent’s king.  Check and checkmate are irrevelant.    3)    On each turn, player rolls one six-sided die. The result of the die roll indicates which type of pieces must be moved:        one = pawn        two = rook        three = knight        four = bishop        five = queen        six = king 

    4)   If a player cannot move the type of piece indicated by the die roll (e.g.; on the first turn, only pawns and knights will be able to move), then the player must pass without moving… unless Rule 5 applies.
    5)   The exception to Rule 4 is that if a payer no longer has any pieces in play indicated by the rol of the die (e.g; if a three is rolled, but both knights have already been captured), then the player must still move a piece BUT in this case can move ANY one of his or her pieces still in play.

Oriental Papercutting Class, 3-4pm
THL Arianwen Triona Ceridwen o Wyndham, Instructor

Bardic Activities:

Bardic Contest, 3pm – Feast,
Baron Jon Inchingam, Host